Throwback Thursday: Reeling it Back to Childhood Favorites


I'm slowly taking back Thursdays as I revisit memories of the past. Pre-k classmates and family friends held birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's.  The pizza always tasted cheap and rubbery, but I loved meeting Chuck E. and his friends.  Plus, I was a master at winning tickets from skee-ball.  Then, the Lucky Charms hype dominated nearly every household.  Despite loathing the artificial taste of the "marshmallows," I had fun singing the theme song.  At school, teachers stored jars of jolly rancher, tootsie pops, and ring pops, and only those who won weekly raffles and rounds of Around the World went home triumphantly with a candy piece in their pockets; my favorite flavor rarely deviated from being lemon or blueberry.  After school, kids bought bags of eye-watering hot fries, soft batch cookies, or baby bottle pops. Oh, and gel roll pens and milky pens were definitely the "cool things to have" back in Elementary school.  All the girls envied my friends and me because we collected those pens in our cute pencil cases.  We moved on from candy to sweet Snapple--to the point of being diabetic--in middle school when we felt like kings and queens for gaining the purchasing power to buy Snapple from school vending machines. 

But long before my primary and intermediary school years, Fendi had already embarked on its cinematic journey.  Cinema and luxury powerhouse Fendi share a rich history, and the video below previews just a snippet of what the exhibition in Milan would showcase.

[embed width="500" height="315"][/embed]

Hopefully your throwbacks have stirred similar positive, sentimental feelings.  Allow them to linger and embrace you.  Until tomorrow...

Pristine Christine