Monday Musings: Refueling for the Week

ImageTopshop Mardi Snaffle Loafers (top left)
Johnston and Murphy Riley Flats
Crystalised Tangled Ring (
Topshop high waisted leather shorts
MARC by Marc Jacobs Sweater
Zara Clutch

These past few days have been absolutely busy and exhausting yet fulfilling.  Apologies for the lack of posts! I promise this will not happen, again.  I want to thank all my followers for constantly encouraging me! :)  From fashion runways to stores, blue is apparently the color to have in your closet this fall.  Personally, I love blue, which explains for my blue-mania wardrobe and enthusiasm for the marine blue trend.  The beauty behind such a rich, royal color is that it essentially matches anyone.  In other words, maintaining a professional career does not exclude you from immersing into the daunting fashion world.  Speaking of jobs, Monday also signifies the start of a new week after two days of refueling and rest.  What better way to kick off with some amazing grilled cheese in the morning?  There's nothing more gratifying than a satisfied stomach and tastebuds before strolling down to work.



Ingredients: date pecan bread or cranberry walnut bread, brie cheese, fig jam (optional: peanut butter, bananas)
1. Place two slices of the bread on a pan.
2. Cover one slice with brie cheese, and pan-toast/pan-grill until you see the center of the other slice turn golden brown.
3. Remove from pan once golden brown
4. Spread fig jam onto slice without the cheese.
Optional: spread peanut butter and placed sliced bananas on top
5. Combine the two slices to create a sandwich and cut it in half!
Prep time: 10 minutes
You get the: crunch, creamy, salty, and sweetness.

Last but not least, indulge in the grub with some relaxing tunes, especially if you're in the office. Yes, the weekend is over.  However, do not fear the unknown, for everything will be all right--safe and sound. 


Cheers to another Monday!

Pristine Christine