Throwback Thursday: Roaring 20s had no Alphabet Cookies...

Today, while shopping at the Japanese market after lunch, I came across a jar of alphabet cookies.  They seemed ideal for today's Throwback Thursday post (#tbt).  As I stared at them, I could feel a bittersweet smile slowly easing its way from the corners of my mouth.  I had grown up with these cookies, and I loved the cinnamon flavored ones the best.  Although I never ate them at home, my third grade teachers all owned a gigantic jar of alphabet cookies in their classrooms.  We would earn a cookie if we performed well on assignments, quizzes, or games.  As the adorable goodies mocked me, I almost succumbed to the temptation.  Sadly, children from the Roaring 20s did not have the joys of snacking on these cookies.  Instead, they witnessed women fashion transform before their eyes.  Think The Great Gatsby time frame, an era of flappers and bold fashion.  Ladies decorated their heads with flashy, romantic pieces, and this trend returned a few years ago and hasn't quite disappeared.  I always struggle to find a headband of my liking at Nordstrom's, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Bloomingdale's, but an online boutique called Boticca never fails to entice me.  Designers from all over the globe sell their products online, and their customers base includes a number of celebrities as well.  Some of my favorite selections, which you can find at Boticca, that are reminiscent of the 20s include the three below.  I believe in setting yourself apart and expressing yourself through fashion, and doing so entails using statement accessories appropriately and wisely.


Handcrafted and specially made Boticca pieces hold greater value and depth than those at most department stores. Make a trip to Boticca, and I'm sure you'll want to purchase a clutch or ring, too.

Happy Thursday!  Goodness, I'm pooped. Good night!

Love, Pristine Christine