Where's Wednesday?: Eggin' it at Urth Caffe

ImageImageOn Labor Day, my fambam and I visited the Urthe Caffe in Santa Monica.  The egg sandwich and natural beef hash were surprisingly the delicious items off the menu.  Naturally, our disappointment with the "famous" New Yorker sandwich and portabella panini--the two sandwiches that we expected to live up to their fame--magnified by the minute.  Now, I've always experimented with new eggwich recipes, so upon biting into the mouth-watering egg sandwich, I felt inspired to make a healthier, homemade version of it!

Ingredients organic eggs baby romaine lettuce or spring mix mayonnaise balsamic vinegar olive oil Torta rolls (personal favorite is La Brea's torta, which you can buy in packs of 10 at Costco!) roasted green chile (Trader Joe's has everything) sliced tomato avocado slices pepperjack cheese

1. Cut the torta roll in half. 2. Lightly toast the halves on the pan. 3. Make a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Toss some baby romaine lettuce with the dressing mix. 4. Crack an egg into a bowl. You know the drill: break and whisk. 5. Pour the whisked egg into a mini frying pan and, when ready, spoon some of the green chile onto top. 6. Let the omelet rise, and place it on a plate. 7. Melt a slice of jack cheese on the bottom half of the torta. 8. Put the omelet on top of the cheese. 9. Layer with avocado an tomato slices now. 10. Top everything with the salad mix. 11. Spread a thin layer of mayo onto the torta bun. 12. BAM!  Make sure the bun properly holds the sandwich in place. 13. Cut the whole sandwich in half and stick toothpicks through each half Prep time: 15 minutes

Easy-peasy, right?  What can be more delicious than a homemade eggwich at home? Saves time, money, and your health.

Tomorrow, we're going back to the Roaring 20s, a time when ladies adorned their bodies with bold jewelry and headbands.  Until then...

Love, Pristine Christine