Monday Musings + Tough Tuesday: Eat, Pray, Love; Eat, Play, Laugh

After enduring two weeks of unusual heat waves that threatened this breezy city of Southern California, we finally feel the refreshing air, again.  Lately, the days have been moving too fast for my liking, and the pace of things exhausts me.  Tuesdays seem either slow or tiring, and eating, loving, and praying can placate my soul any time.  In fact, this past weekend included a healthy dose of all three, especially with my mom's birthday being on Sunday.  Hey, it's Tough Tuesday, and let's be honest--eat, love, pray sounds pretty heavenly.  Feast your eyes on my version of "eat, pray, love" through the various hyperlinks. 1. Eat: We celebrated my mom's birthday by starting the day with an English-style breakfast after church, thanks to Trader Joe's shortcake biscuits and fresh, organic figs and honey dew! The day concluded with dinner at Tar and Roses.  Although the shellfish pot disappointed us, the charcuterie board, baby carrots with creme fraiche and currants, and fried whole snapper made dining fun. 2. Pray: [youtube=] 3. Love: Hailing from Jersey, Kim Lim entrances you with her sultry voice. Sit, relax, and love life. [youtube=] 4. Eat: King's Hawaiian Bakery's Tiramisu cake is worth the calories.  Trust me, their baked goods--which you've probably had (yes, those dinner rolls!)--will have you salivating. 5. Play: Traveling and vacationing require you to carry a fashionable yet practical bag.  (I've learned the hard way that carrying your $1,000+ bags back and forth is not a smart idea.) I absolutely adore Lo & Sons's 'The O.M.G.' bag! The size, style, and available colors definitely make carry-on bags trendy. 6. Laugh: Consider the endless opportunities that you have to laugh every day.  Jim from The Office has fun in his routine life in the mundane office, and I cannot help but to revisit scenes from the show, particularly Jim's pranks on Dwight, whenever I forget to count my blessings.  Make sure to also catch The Finale bonus if you want to be engulfed by a wave of nostalgia.

Eat, pray, love, everyone!  See you tomorrow with an all-new breakfast sandwich recipe, inspired by Urth Caffe's egg sandwich!

Love, Pristine Christine