Friday Fashion: Phillip Lim & Re-designing the Patio



We've been redesigning the interior of our indoor patio, which is actually more like a second living room/den.  In our actual living room sit Italian Natuzzi leather sofas that my parents bought years ago.  Because of the high quality--which is difficult to come across these days--they have endured seasons of wear. The bicycle rack (exact same one as shown above) matches quite well with our new fabric sofa and our vintage scroll style bench, which we now use as a table (brilliant idea, right?).  

When my grandparents moved into their second house in the states over 30 years ago, the previous owner had furnished his home and garden beautifully.  Personally designed chairs, benches, flower holders, and table.  Now, my grandmother lives in a senior condo, but we luckily saved the gorgeous benches and table.  To our amusement, the benches have been resourceful, decorative pieces for our home.  We're thinking of adding a red accent piece for the "finale."  What are your thoughts?

The adorable bicycle wine rack serves as a magazine storage and matches everything so well!  Moreover, the vintage flip-stopper bottle and artificial autumn pieces add the last necessary "pop" to the patio.  

Autumn hasn't just occupied our tabletops though.  Fall strutted its way through Atlanta's Target store as Phillip Lim's collaboration with the mega-chain launched early in the heart of Georgia.  Now, I'm not a Phillip Lim fanatic, but if I were pre-shopping, I would definitely snag the satchels and skirts from the women's line and the sweaters and trouser from the men's collection.  

ImageBrowse through lookbook online and don't lower your expectations:  Sure, the products won't be of the same quality, but Phillip Lim follows less of the classic look, so it might be wiser to grab what you can from Target at 1/10 the price instead.  

That's Fashion Friday for you! TGIF, and have a merry weekend!  

Pristine Christine