Throwback Thursday: OldSchool at Its Finest

Who can resist owning a couple of dancing bears? I know I would have to fight every ounce of my will to resist the temptation.  The creator of the classic Haribo gummy bears called his sweet concoctions "dancing bears."  How adorable.  While I never really followed the candy fad, I harbored a quaint, unexplainable liking for these German-made sweets.  Fastidious, I only wanted the green or clear ones (pineapple flavors are amazing).  The joy came from chewing on the bits of ooey-gooeyness until my jaws beseeched me to stop munching on them.  I often wonder whether kids born after the 2000s have and will ever experience the childhood fun of topping frozen yogurt with gummy bears.  It's rather disheartening when considering such bleak prospects.  In honor of my sweet friends, I dedicate this Throwback Thursday to them.  Reasons why gummy bears trump any other candy are fun to read: ImageIn light of throwbacks, here's a tribute to beloved high-top sneakers that first debuted in 1936.  Skinny jeans for girls and straight leg denim for boys pair well with hi-tops whether you're going to meet friend or running to class.  Even cute pleated mini-skirts complement these classic shoes.

Bottom (left to right): Women's Superga x The Man Repeller Lace Up High Top Sneakers; Cute to the Core Pumped Rhinestone High-Top Sneaker; Reef Deck Walled Mid-Top Sneaker Left (top to bottom): Alexander McQueen PUMA 'Rabble Mid' Sneaker; Creative Recreations Vito Black Twill

Throwbacks wouldn't be complete without the right ending.  Tonight, set aside all troubles and let your tears flow freely.  Enjoy Simon and Garfunkel fill your night with soothing tunes.

[youtube=] Until tomorrow... Good night!

Love, Pristine Christine