Soulful Sunday: The Good Vibes

Sundays uplift my soul. Whether bad things happen or not, I feel the storm in my heart pacifying on Sundays.  Hence, Soulful Sunday was born.  Seriously, God is so good!  In light of things associated with "good," good jams, good food, and good times add to a beautiful day as well. 1. Good jamLady Cha Cha

2. Good food: Awesome Lentil Dip for Labor Day and college football games

ImageRecipe 1 bottle of Trader Joe's Cilantro Dressing ($3.99) 1 package of steamed lentils ($2.99) 1 can of sweet corn ($0.99) 1 bag of pita chips ($4.99)

1) Pour the steamed lentils in a bowl. 2) Pour about 1/2 to 3/4 of the dressing into the bowl. 3) Mix the can of corn in with the lentils and dressing. 4) Mix the ingredients together well. 5) Serve with pita chips. Total Cost: about $13 Servings for 4-6 people

3. Good times (click on the hyperlinks!): Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Santa Monica - Tickets to the Cocktail Confidential event for The Taste are still available ($85 for non-LA Times members) - Watch Pixar film Planes in 3-D at the El Capitan Theatre - Experience watching movies at the Chinese Theatre - Carnival rides, great food, live music at Fiesta Hermosa - From ferris wheel rides to cruiser adventures to kayaking, Newport Beach Pier is the perfect affordable getaway

Chicago - Imagine floating in air and seeing the city from above at the Skydeck - Art Fair on the Square in Lake Forest - Naperville's Last Fling hosts some great family fun - Witness the Cirque Shanghai troupe in action at Navy Pier - Labor Day is the last day to redeem an amazing deal

Tomorrow, my family and I are grabbing breakfast/brunch at Urthe Caffee in Santa Monica and heading over to the pier afterwards.  We intend on concluding our Labor Day at the Santa Monica Place. Can't wait!

Have a wonderful Labor Day, everyone!

Love, Pristine Christine