Throwback Thursday: Gettin' Ready for School


Top (left to right): Herschel Settlement Mid-Volume $55; MCM $540; Essl 'Austrian' backpack $124 Bottom (left to right): Baggu Backpack in Fig $42; Jansport Hoffan $40; Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack $70

Nowadays, it's difficult finding a mid-size backpack under $40.  Talk about inflation, increasing costs, and the principles of supply of demand.

Since pre-school, going back-to-school shopping has always been like visiting a candy store for me.  I have to try hard to resist the temptation of buying every nice pencil case, backpack, notebook, folder, and pen.  The one thing I adore about backpacks is their customizability, practicality, and durability (4 years on average).  Because I like to stand out, I always bought mine in eye-catching colors. In high school, I carried a baby pink Jansport, so I stood out in the crowd; in college, I owned a beautiful hot-pink Jansport.  From even half a mile away, you could spot me.  While I am an avid follower and admirer of fashion, I don't believe in lugging around laptops and school supplies in shoulder bags or totes.  Thus, to help you ease the pain of being trendy without looking dorky at school, I selected a few of my personal favorite packs, ranging from $40 to $540.  I'm all about finding the right tone that showcases personality and that perseveres seasons (neon is rarely fitting for Fall).

Getting ready for school also suggests kicking out the junk food and bringing in the nutritious goodies.  #tbt!  Snack of nostalgia: Wheat Crisps with Dip

Snackin' Right: 1. Wheat Crisps (Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Wheat Crisps: 2. Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip (

14 wheat crisps (140 calories) + 4 tbsp of dip (60 calories) = 200 filling calories (avoid consuming empty calories)

My parents, especially, my mom would always say to me, "College years are your best years. Enjoy them to the fullest."  How true her words remain.  I just graduated from college 2 months ago, and I already miss scrambling to ship boxes of belongings to Chicago and catching flights to reunite with best friends.  However, life moves on, and I must learn to continue friendships even if we're all dispersed across the country. C'est la vie.

Happy Back-to-School!

Get ready for some fun Friday Fashion tomorrow! Until then...

Love, Pristine Christine