Where's Wednesday?: In the Kitchen at Home--The Ultimate Veggie Wrap

Image Ingredients: 8" Whole Wheat/Sprouted Grains Tortilla Hass avocado Red leicester cheese with red chili and bell pepper (Trader Joe's) Tomatoes Alfalfa sprouts Iceberg lettuce Vidalia onion creamy dressing

1. Wash and rinse the veggies in water 2. Lightly warm up the tortillas for about 20-30 seconds 3. If the avocado is large, then use 1/4 of it. If it's small, then cut 1/2 of it.  Using a spoon or fork, spoon the avocado out of the skin and onto the area slightly below the center of the tortilla. Press and spread the avocado across (forks works best for this). 4. Dry the alfalfa sprouts with a paper towel and place the amount you desire on the avocado spread. 5. Cut tomatoes into thin slices and repeat Step 4. 6. By now, you should have cut the lettuce head in half and torn the leaves from the stem.  If not, do so. 7. Toss the lettuce leaves lightly in a tbsp or 2 tbsp of dressing (adjust it accordingly). 8. Place an appropriate amount of lettuce on tortilla 9. I like to slice an ounce of Trader Joe's red leicester cheese with red chili and bell pepper into pieces and add them to tortilla as well. 10. Fold opposite sides of tortilla inward and roll the final product for closure. Prep time: 10 -15 minutes

There you have it, folks.  Easy peasy, tasty, healthy wrap prepared right in your kitchen.  If you don't have time, grab a bowl of fruits to go with your meal. If you do have time, season some microwaved potatoes (5 minutes) with herbs and garlic salt and grill them in olive oil on a pan!

Staying fit in order to maintain both figure and health does not mean giving up fat or carbs. Just remember to consume complex carbs (whole wheat, non-refined, fruits, sweet potato, other veggies) and healthy fat (ex. omega-3 fatty acids) not simple carbs and saturated fat.

Until tomorrow...

Love, Pristine Christine