Monday Musings: Relishing the Last of Summer

ImageIn approximately 6 days, a new month will replace August, and in approximately 27 days, we will finally face the first day of Fall.  Autumn.  Why do I say approximately instead of exactly?  If we spoke technically, then exactly would imply that at this precise moment, it is 12 am, August 26th.  However, such fails to be the case.  Already, the morning air smells and feels different.  There's a certain briskness to it--chilly yet refreshing at the same time.  Before we bid farewell to Summer, I hope we can relish the last bits of this sunny season.  When else will we be able to adorn our heads with fun straw hats? Not until next Spring at best.  I'm not advocating you to splurge on the items above (more so since Summer is coming to an end), but if you own anything similar, I recommend that you maximize their use for the next few days! (Lanvin wide brim straw hat, Tom Ford sunglassesChristian Louboutin Copte Flat Sandals, Tory Burch Weston Flat Espadrille on sale for $70, J. Crew Bermuda shorts on sale for $35). Mondays always energize me as I wonder what the new week will bring.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be tough though.  They're neither in the middle nor in the beginning of the week.  Maybe you can resonate with me on this note.  My Monday Musings this morning consist of Buy, Read, Watch.  (I just devoured a whole donut peach after eating some Mayan Blend oatmeal with sliced bananas and almond butter-and-cocoa-almond-spread... eat like a king for breakfast!)

1. Buy Donut peaches/Saturn peaches ( 2. Read the A to Z guide for veggies and healthy, delicious drinks ( 3. Watch N'SYNC bring the glam back on stage during the VMAs (nothing can beat old school pop): [youtube=]

Donut peaches slide off the pit so easily, which I absolutely love.  They're more sweet than tart or sour, so if you're craving for something that's sweet-sour, then opt for the Emerald Drop pluots.  Until tomorrow then.  Take it easy, my friends.

Love, Pristine Christine