Throwback Thursdays + Friday Fashion: Bringing Back Time

TBT_FF1. Chocolate covered frozen bananas; 2. The Bicycle Thief; 3. The Twilight Zone; 4. Sandro hooded tweet coat

Whoever coined the phrase "Throwback Thursday" deserves a pat on the pack, or maybe even a sweet little reward.  It's quite fun, reflecting on the "yesteryears" or processing the past cultures.  We haven't deviated much from the theme of black and white despite temperamental trends.  Who can forget the classic film The Bicycle Thief?  Or the television series The Twilight Zone? My dad grew up watching it in the states, and I, too, recollect memories of watching episodes at school on rainy days or during holiday parties in middle school.

Sometimes, after a long week, my pajamas and blanket beckon me before 10 o'clock.  In all honesty, I just want to stay home and unwind, and a quality film never fails to help relax those nerves.  Popcorn to go along sounds good, right?  Unsalted, no-butter popcorn has health benefits, but the problem lies in the unfortunate fact that we more often than not overindulge.  Instead, I curb cravings with a sweet, healthy treat: homemade chocolate covered frozen bananas.

1. Peel banana 2. Cut banana in half if longer than 7" 3. Push popsicle sticks down the center of banana(s) 4. In a separate bowl, mix a cocoa almond spread (visit Trader Joe's) and almond butter together. 5.  Coat banana with the mixture or dip it into the bowl. 6. Sprinkle crushed nuts on top if desired. 7. Place bananas on tin foil and freeze them.


Take the frozen bananas out, and say hello to a delicious snack/dessert without worrying about the calories!  This fall, not only will you be on your way towards a healthier lifestyle with modifications such as switching from eating fat-filled ice cream to frozen bananas.  You can also breathe a sight of relief now that slimmin' black has hit runways for the season.

Black, always a classic color, is an essential part of our wardrobes.  As mentioned in previous posts, black is back!  I am always amazed by the endless number of ways in which artists and designers use black and white.  Phillip Lim did an excellent job of doing so for his 2011 Fall collection, so I thought why not spread the inspiration with others?  Check out the video below if curious!

Like I always say, there is no need to splurge on all the latest trends.  Instead, play with the pieces you already have in your closet, and while doing so, don't forget to have fun.  After all, fashion isn't meant to flaunt what you physically possess but to show the world who you are.


TGIF, everyone!

Love, Pristine Christine