Tough Tuesdays: Winning the Weather

Image Weather is never a completely predictable matter.  Having lived in Chicago for four years, I learned to outsmart predicaments by being prepared.  Oh, yes, if Chicago can tout about something, then it would be its fickle weather.  Clear skies one hour and unexpected pouring rain the next.  I remember wanting to remain happy, dry, and youthful.  So, I impart you these four tips of wisdom:

1. Boyfriend Chambray Shirt (Madewell): What if it's cold? But what if it gets hot?  What do I wear? Just tuck in a light cami or tank top inside your jeans and grab a boyfriend chambray shirt on the go.  If it's too hot, leave the shirt open-buttoned.  If not, and you feel the chills, button it up.  A must-have in every woman's closet! 2. Sunflowers: Beat the blues with some gorgeous flowers in the house.  Buy a bouquet of bright-colored flowers from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or a nearby supermarket and arrange them inside a vase.  Staring at them can help you feel a bit more optimistic and relaxed. 3. Kiehl's SPF 50+: In both the rain and sun, UV rays still exist!  As a matter of fact, UV rays are strongest in cloudier weather.  Personally, because I have sensitive skin and am not a huge fan of thick facial lotion, I recommend Kiehl's SPF50+.  Even if I wear only a thin layer of it and stand in the heat for a few hours, my skin retains the moisture. 4. Homemade Oatmeal Bar: Healthy living snack/breakfast that can be made in 45 minutes.  No artificial sugar or preservatives in my recipe, and all you vegans can enjoy these nutrition bars as well.  Oatmeal, a complex carbohydrate, feeds you a steady flow of serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel good) rather than give you a fleeting, serotonin crash by food such as simple carbs (ex. white flour, cookies, cakes, etc.).  Walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds also have the same effects, and serotonin helps with depression an sleeping disorders.  And I'm sure each of us has experienced a time when rain or snow dampens our mood. Tune in tomorrow for "Where's Wednesday?: At Home" to learn about the simple, easy-peasy recipe.

Today marks Tuesday, when the day seems slow and rough.  Enlighten your minds with a beautifully crafted short video, which contains no speech.  You become entranced by the background music and peace. [youtube=]


Love, Pristine Christine