Spontaneous Saturday: Live from Melrose--Blu Jam Cafe

ImageToday's menu: Crunchy French ToastLast year, I failed in my attempts to make some crunchy french toast for my mom's birthday breakfast.  Lesson learned: you cannot pan-grill it.  Well, I finally had the chance to visit Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose to grab brunch with a college friend and ordered their famous crunchy french toast.  Unfortunately, I was too eager to bite into the plate of sweetness to even snap a photo of the food (sorry, I want to enjoy my food while it's fresh and hot).  Hence, I had to "borrow" the photos taken by other Yelpers.  Oops!

The crispy corn flakes coating the tender, fluffy brioche create an interesting texture.  I guess you could think of it as being similar to a crunchier almond croissant.  Because I'm not too keen on overly sweet things, I decided to not dip my french toast pieces into the much praised vanilla sauce.  They were already sweet enough.  I still dream about M. Henry's beautifully crusted brioche french toast, but Blu Jam's probably ranks high on my list of favorite french toasts.  In Los Angeles, Blu Jam serves one of the best, but then again, I have yet to try The Sycamore Kitchen.  Personally, I believe Sycamore Kitchen's brioche french toast with apple slaw may please my taste buds more, but I'll wait until I actually drop by for brunch next time to make my verdict.

I miss you, M. Henry.  I'll just train myself to accept reality: Los Angeles, my hometown, can't satiate my every culinary need.

If you're around the area and willing to spend about $15-20 for brunch, check out Blu Jam Cafe.  Apparently, residents of Sherman Oaks can now taste Blu Jam's menu without driving to Los Angeles.  I can't vouch that the newly opened Sherman Oaks joint serves the same quality meal.  Judging by the reviews though, I doubt it will disappoint!

Good night! See you all in a couple hours on Soulful Sunday!

Love, Pristine Christine