Fashion Friday: Poppin' Colors

ImagePhoto Credits: Phil Oh ( Vintage air force jacket, grey mohair sweater, ankle booties Point: mohair sweater and blue ankle booties 2. Pinstriped trousers, beaded belt, embroidered J.Crew jacket, navy blue jacket, polka dot shirt, blue heels Point: beaded belt, blue heels 3. Kenzo sweater, black skirt, nude heels, black bag Point: heels and sweater 4. Navy varsity jack, blue chambray shirt, high-waste denim, black booties, Balenciaga bag Point: black booties, Balenciaga bag

What's a Friday without some fun?  Some companies like to call it "Casual Fridays," as employees are allowed to dress a little less formal.  Casual does not mean, "Be lazy and throw on a pajama shirt and ripped jeans."  Rather, you have the privilege of playing around with the colors and shapes in your wardrobe.  It's all about adding that one "poppin'" piece to your outfit.  By poppin', I am not referring to a completely random color. Consider the tone of your overall outfit.  Refer to the collage I created above for visual aid and the abridged anatomy of the respective outfits for summary.

The four photos I chose for my collage are a few of my favorites in Phil Oh's collection, but I have slight bias towards outfits 1 and 2. Gorgeous!  I absolutely adore how both subtly add that pop.

Coming tomorrow: Spontaneous Saturday @ BluJam Cafe in Los Angeles and many more gastronomic adventures.

Stay tuned!

Love, Pristine Christine

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