Throwback Thursdays: Them Overalls

#TBT to the 90s.  Rewind to the era of radios, clunky handphones, scrunchies, and... less complexity.  Really, in the end, society reaches a point when people begin to recycle ideas.  The only difference between the concepts from back in the 90s and now is that we complicate the old.  Before delving into today's #TBT topic, I advise that you play the following video FIRST.[youtube=] ImageOkay, remember those dreaded overalls? Some still abhor the denim overalls fad.  But personally speaking, when worn properly, overalls can be pretty darn awesome.  Think: a chic blazer paired with some fitting but simple overalls and booties/flats/sneakers.  There's no need to add a million buttons to denim overalls, yet designers feel the need to be "artistic" and place bizarre "designs" on them.  Quite unnecessary.

Do I miss the 90s? The answer would be a big fat yes.  Bring back the comfortable, trendy denim, and no more jeggings, please.

In the meantime, prepare yourselves for some Friday fun because it's Fashion Friday tomorrow! Perhaps, I should change the Friday series to "Friday Fun" instead.  Suggestions? If you do, please leave a message either on here or Facebook!

Love, Pristine Christine