Tough Tuesday: Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

Good morning (or good mid-day for you Midwesterners and East-coasters)!  I'm still sipping on my cup of coffee.  I made an oath back in high school to never succumb to the pressures of coffee.  Evidently enough, I failed and when finals week of Spring Quarter during freshman year in college ambushed me, I had no choice but to gulf down some caffeine to beat the nasty summer flu.  Since then, I indulge in months of morning rituals where I enjoy my cup of Joe after a refreshing shower.  At a certain point, though, I realize the need to do a 3-month coffee fast.  Yes, I have become that person.  Trouble, trouble, trouble, isn't it?  Speaking of which, Tuesdays can be a toughie, and I re-encountered the parody of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You were Trouble," featuring lovely Mr. Goat.[youtube=]

A couple months ago, when snow and slush conquered the streets of Chicago, kids in my Public Speaking class decided to show my instructor (I miss you, Kim!) the clip.  You can imagine the laughter that erupted from our classroom.  Aside from the hilarity, T-Swift rocks her outfit: oversized box tee, black booties, and dark denim.  I personally adore classic, chic booties for their timelessness.  My mom's classic fashion most likeley influenced me growing up.  Now, what makes fall fashion fun is the dark tones that you can play around with, and yes, black has returned as the "must-have color."  Booties + black = win!

Because I'm constantly checking the latest collections, I take note of the slightly modified designs.  Below are some of my favorite finds!


From top to bottom, left to right: 1) House of Harlow 1960 Warner Bootie 2) Cole Haan Allen Bootie 3) Via Spiga Basil Bootie 4) Paul Green Regan Boot 5) Loeffler Randall Felix Low Heel Bootie 6) Rachel Comey Putter Low Boot

Here's my tip when browsing for new pieces for your shoe closet or wardrobe: Splurge only when you think the piece does not follow trends and will last you through multiple seasons (by this, I mean, at least 10 years).

I hope the clip provided at least a few hearty laughs.  Until tomorrow ("Where's Wednesday?" series)!

Love, Pristine Christine