Monday Musings: I See London, I Half-See You

Happy Monday!  'cause it's Monday, Monday...  Image We could all use a warm cup of Joe at any given time on Mondays.  Feeling sluggish and lethargic even with caffeine pumping through our arteries, we struggle to remain awake as the afternoon approaches.  Oddly enough, I could never jump on the Metropolis and Intelligentsia bandwagon with enough zeal to call myself a fanatic.  What I will say, though, is that I love Peet's Coffee's brew.  Yes, despite owning a Starbucks card--only because a Starbucks sits at the corner of every street--I will dart toward a Peet's shop in a heartbeat. However, being a less-than-talented barista (in other words: not a barista), I cannot create the same delicious Americano at home.  Hence, my mom and I settled on the Italian Roast from Trader Joe's after years of trial and error with various coffee beans. Yes, we even experimented with those luxurious berry coffee beans and what not, but neither of us appreciate the sour aftertaste.  What I desperately want right now? A phenomenal English tea scone with a hot cup of coffee.  My mouth waters whenever I recreate the taste of the heavenly scone from The Drake in Chicago.  Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a scrumptious scone in California, but the near-perfect weather by where I live partially compensates for such travesty. Regardless, Monday would not be Monday without our ceremonial Monday musings.

My Monday Musings:

1) Scones, scones, scones. Scones. Won't leave my mind. 2) Italian Roast coffee.  You make my mornings delightful. 3) My Prada eyeglasses: Cool, I own a pair of Prada glasses, but I still detest wearing these unseemly and heavy things. 4) Too many medjool dates leftover from my proscuitto-wrapped medjool dates cooking session.  Suggestions? Currently, the easiest solution seems to be baking some type of bread containing dates... 5) The Way Way Back is a must-see film!  If you enjoyed watching The DescendantsThe Way Way Back will impress you just as much or even more.  Why is it so difficult to see meaningful art these days?  Well, luckily, this is one of those movies that I cannot wait to buy on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Congratulations to you for surviving today.  Tomorrow's Tuesday.  The next thing you know, Friday will be just around the corner.  See you, soon!

Love, Christine