Soulful Sunday: Freshness at the Table


I apologize for not publishing any of my posts for over a week!  It's been quite hectic, especially with my brother's attending USC (University of Southern California) in January.  I have never been a big fan of USC and neither have been my parents (daddy bear is proud UCLA alum) until this past year.  The campus has changed quite a bit since my parents' younger years, and it's no longer simply a university for "spoiled children."  Oh, but I do resent its ridiculous tuition.  Heck, its tuition surpasses Northwestern's!  Nonetheless, our family carries a heart of extreme thanksgiving to the Lord for granting my brother this opportunity to serve and grow with other fellow Trojans.  Now, I actually had quite a number of posts ready for publishing, but exhaustion won victoriously on multiple nights and, alas, I failed miserably in doing so.  Fear not, I am back, ready to roll out my daily thoughts, again!

I must admit Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week.  In this day and age, we forget how to rest or take a sabbath.  Sunday allows me to take be at peace and worship the Lord with all my soul.  Hence, I decided to title my Sunday posts, "Soulful Sunday."  Every Sunday, a new week commences.   Although we lack the power to restart our lives or erase our pasts, we can--however--forgive and move on forward.  What's better than tasting the freshness in our mouths on a beautiful Sunday while bathing in the rays of the glorious sun?

A gamut of flavors swam in my mouth today, but I always appreciate the light and natural type of goodness.  My four picks include: 1) bagels, 2) white nectarines, 3) chardonnay grapes, and 4) gold kiwi. 1) Despite the fact that our heritage roots from a country where rice is a staple diet, my family and I probably have a greater affinity for bread. A soft, chewy honey whole wheat bagel brings out the little girl in me.  Yes, I will squeal at just a slight whiff of freshly baked bagels or any pastry, really. 2) Succulent and perfect for the summer! Need I say more? I like to either slice a whole nectarine into pieces or grill them and toss them into a quinoa salad. 3) Chardonnay grapes hit the markets rather early this year.  Something about the squishy flesh and not too sweet juice attracts me to these grapes.  Chardonnay and muskrat grapes are a definite must, so grab them while you can! 4) Gold kiwis, smaller than your regular green ones, have an added organic sweetness to them.  Take a spoonful, and you'll instantly fall in love.

And it wouldn't be right to end a Sunday without some proper celebrating.  I dedicate the following to Jim and Pam as well as fans of The Office.  Even now, Pam and Jim's wedding episode tugs at the drawstrings of my heart. Kisses and hugs to everyone tonight.

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Love, Pristine Christine