Tough Tuesday: Oreos in Style

It's a Tuesday... I've never been a fan of Tuesdays for some odd reason.  Maybe its awkward position on a calendar steers me away from liking it.  Tuesday, the third day of the week––far from being the weekend but much after a week's start––mocks me.  Well, certainly, others must struggle with surviving another Tuesday, too.  Right?  We could always use a pick-me-up: something upbeat, something sweet, or something that has both.  Good news, that something exists! Check it out, check it out. Chiddy Bang strikes, again: [youtube=] Now, Generation Y kids remember the good ol' Oreos.  Ridiculously sweet chocolate cookies sandwiching an artificial, white, sugar concoction.  Gross. Yeah, but I can't deny the fact that the Oreo culture, particularly the art of dunking them in milk, defined the pop scene of my childhood.  So, I have a suggestion for you.  Just for today, buy a small box of Oreos and cache it inside your drawers until after lunch time.  Once 2 o'clock strikes, remove two cookies from the packaging and gulp down some milk with those darn Oreos.  Blast on this new Chiddy Bang song that lasts about 45 seconds and move on forward!


Yours Truly, Pristine Christine