Pink-licious: the new "in"

Hello, I'm back from Chi-town!  Bidding farewell to a city of which I have grown fond over the past 4 years dug a hole in my heart a bit, but reminiscing on the beautiful memories in Chicago leaves positive feelings of endearment, so until next time, adieu.  At the thought of being with family  in good ol' Southern California and actually enjoying my summer, though, excites me.  Where I'll be next year remains a mystery, but my soul is rather tranquil about the future.  On the topic of summer, I am incredibly glad to see the return of bright colors.  If I had to pick a favorite, mine would be pink.


From pastel pink dresses from France as a child to bright pink slim fit polos in college to a rose pink dress for college graduation, pink has never really left my wardrobe.  Call me the next Elle Woods if you want (any Legally Blonde fans out there?), but heck, my pencil case, college backpack, pajamas, and bed have hints of pink somewhere.  Bearing this in mind, I smiled quite wide when I noticed cousins of pink making their way in fashion, again, 2 years ago.  Everything began with salmon pants, shoes, bags.  Then, we progressed into pastel pink and hot pink.  Now, all shades and tones of pink pop up on fashion runways and stores.

A few months ago, my mom sent me a beautiful pink skirt from Sandro (see above) to my apartment in Chicago.  I paired it up with a sleeveless black Sandro top with Max and Co. sandal heels, but I can't wear a sleeveless top in the Fall unless I add a blazer to the outfit.  While I have great cashmere and wool sweaters from Vince that I could match the skirt with in the winter, Fall begs for something in between: a slouchy or comfortable box sweater.  Hence, when my mom and I saw the Bang sweater tucked inside of the pink skirt at the Sandro Boutique, we decided it would be my "anywhere" piece.  By this, I'm referring to versatility and multi-purpose.  You can throw on a pair of skinny, boyfriend, or cigarette jeans and slip on some cute booties.  If you opt for the skinny or cigarette jeans, then ballet flats will create the perfect casual outfit.  Add a snapback hat or cap if you're having a bad hair day, and presto, the magic is done!

Men, don't be shy either.  Depending on your face size and shape and skin tone, the type of top that suits you will differ.  Pink doesn't always have to manifest in an obnoxious polo/shirt decked out in pink.  Accents of pink are just fine, and sometimes, they'll help you appear more refined.  Personally, I am a Ted Baker or Burberry polo fan (just because the fits are such classics) when it comes to men's apparel (I specifically cite men's apparel, since for women, it's a whole other ball game).  The great thing about classic fits such as the ones shown below is that you can wear them casually or formally.  Khakis or jeans for casual and sport coat for formal.  Men_pinkEnjoy the gorgeous blue sky and live each day with a smile! I'll be updating regularly, again, now that I'm not furiously typing away for 20-pagers, so continue reading my blog!