A toast to the end of 4 years... (almost)

Already, a month has passed since my roommate and I had a picnic by Lake Michigan.  I am truly thankful for having the privilege of studying at a university with a beauty such as Lake Michigan sitting before our eyes.  My undergraduate career at Northwestern University has been one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences, and I would not trade it for one at any other college.  I'll no longer be able to (or have to) groan about Chicago's fickle weather and cheerfully walk on the streets when it's beautiful outside every blue moon (exaggeration, but as of late, Chicago has incited much annoyance in me).  No more trudging along the snow-piled paths in the freezing cold with my thick, winter boots or splashing around in my lovely pink Burberry rainboots as I grimace at the muddy water pooled around my feet before rushing off to class.

The midwestern culture is definitely something that is beyond "interesting."  Despite its flatness, austerity, and every term associated with lagged responses and antiquity, the Midwest holds its odd charms as well.  While I do appreciate certain aspects of this in-between of the West and the East, I can't say I'll miss the Midwest as a whole... too much.  I will, however, most likely pine for lively Chicago and the easily accessible streets for roaming--something that does not exist in Los Angeles.  Even now, my conscious throws a fit at having to drive around everywhere and being surrounded in the inevitable polluted air.

Well, this marks the beginning of a closure to my 4 years here.  Not complete yet.  Graduation, commencement, convocation... whatever you want to call the two days of ceremony... will take place in a little over 14 days.  The quarter ends in approximately 7 days.  Until then, I'll deceive myself into believing that there is ample time for me to collect my thoughts and bid farewell.