Gluten-free Frittata, you have won me over!

Image Apologies for being so MIA these past 2 weeks!  Terrible on my part.  Things have been a bit overwhelming and hectic on my hand over here unfortunately.  Still, in the midst of everything, I had the chance to finally visit Rose's Wheat-Free Bakery, which is a little north from my school campus.  My beautiful friend Paula and I entered this small cafe, known for its gluten-free goods.  We were hungry, cold victims of the Chicagoan wind!  Hence, I am staring quite joyously at my food as you can see from this photo.

In terms of my dish, the frittata was surprisingly light and tasty although for those salt-lovers, the food here may be too bland.  I personally use salt to a minimum, so this definitely pleased me.  Moreover, the great array of tea just makes the experience at Rose's more enjoyable.  The one thing that did bother me was the fact that they microwaved this frittata, which was made earlier in the day.  Disappointing to say the least, but I'm glad my friend enjoyed her Pesto Pita and apple cider.

The dim lighting, wooden tables, self-service, and floor boards remind me of those quaint cottages in the woods, which isn't necessarily a terrible thing.  In the winter though, brightening up the place might be a suggestion.  While I'm not sure if anyone actually studies at Rose's, if permitted, I do want to bring my books and stay for a few hours here.  The quietude and stillness create a perfect environment for finishing an essay or squeezing in some studying.

Would I ever return? Definitely.  Having a tea/cider date with some gluten-free baked goods would be quite lovely.  Even the gluten-free baked pizza sounds interesting.  However, transportation would be a dilemma, unless Paula, who has a car, wants to try the bakery next time.

Yelping and frequenting cafes is one of my hobbies, and I'm glad to be able to finally cross off Rose's from my list.  What about my readers out there?  Do you have a go-to coffee shop or cafe?  If so, please share!  Granted that I'll travel at some point in my life, I will take note of your recommendations in my journal!

Pristine Christine Says: (for Rose's) 3.5/5 stars

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!