Oh, them apples!


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an affinity for apples. From their sweet aroma to succulent juice to their crispiness.  Fall, winter, spring, summer, all-year long, you will see me munching on apple slices.  I love them to the point that I will place my nose near the skin and sniff for that organic, sweet scent.

Now, can we all agree that salty and sweet together is just a wonderful harmony?  Well, that fresh piece of mozzarella on freshly toasted whole wheat bread, topped with slices of apple, will create a symphony in your mouth.  I dare you to try it!  Apparently, in Italy, instead of tomatoes, they pair mozzarella with melon.

Tomorrow, I'm baking apple cake!  Hopefully, all turns out well.  Cameraless at school, I will do my best to showcase the beautiful masterpiece with my Blackberry camera.  Until then, stay warm in this chilly fall weather! ...Californians don't have to worry about the cold... so, for you Californians, hydrate yourselves in the blistering heat!