Can you smell fall?

Hello, my lovely readers! It has been a while since I last posted something here.  With visits to doctors and finishing the last of my internship, my remaining time at home entailed spending valuable moments with my beloved family.  If you don't know already, I absolutely love my fambam.  Thus, coming back to Chicago for my last year in undergrad stirred an amalgam of emotions.  Inf fact, before heading upstairs for security checks and after checking in at 5:30 am, both my parents prayed for me at the airport.

Bouncing back and forth from airports seems almost routine now (I mean, I travel nearly 14,400 miles during a school year), yet tears kept streaming down while my mother poured her prayers for me.

Over 2 months of reflecting and reminiscing as I now approach my final 9 months have prompted me to foster the same diligence for blogging as I once had.

With that being said, Fall also means recruitment.  Recruitment equates to formal attire, which is good news for me, since I love dressing in blazers and button ups.  Such a classic!  Well, back in July, my mother and I spotted this beautiful Ted Baker skirt.  The last one in size 0.  Perfect.  Shopping for a petite-sized girl like me requires at least a couple hours of visiting countless stores, so you can imagine how ecstatic we both were with our discovery.  Happy faces for a fashionista mother!

Girls, chiffon skirts may seem "so-out" in the fall, but wear your stockings/opaque tights underneath and pair it off some chic booties (refer to the Marvin K. ones in the previous post) and you'll be set.  The top? Light cashmere sweater or cardigan will do.

Size 0 does not necessitate starving and eating disgusting food.  That's right!  For my first breakfast meal, I like to indulge in either toast with avocado spread or apple-cinnamon/maple-brown oatmeal, topped with sliced bananas or blueberries.  Heavenly, tasty, healthy, and filling.  Don't groan! I dare you to try it out.  Hey, even add a pinch of cranberry raisins and pecans if you'd like.  Remember, don't go overboard, because those calories do add up!  :)

Mmm, cinnamon and brown sugar are two of my favorite scents of fall.  The two together create a warm, fuzzy sensation... something that lingers inside my home.  Something that long for even before school officially commences.  An element associated with memories of mother-daughter bonding.

Tell me, what's your favorite fall scent?