Breakfast/Brunch Get-Go: Avocado on Toast +/- Eggs

My absolute favorite brunch on the run is absolutely delectable and easy to make.  Homemade avocado spread on toast with some egg whites or cooked eggs (preferably poached or lightly fried on canola oil with a runny center).  Under 200 calories without the egg, and under 300 calories with the egg! Not to mention, it's filling and keeps your brain alert.  The perfect, balanced meal for the busy morning, and end it with a cup of Kona or hazelnut coffee.  Magnificento!

1/4~ 1/3 of a Hass avocado
1 slice of organic, whole wheat bread
1 large (brown) organic egg for fried or poached egg or 3 large ones for only egg whites, 2 tbsp canola oil

Take 1/4 or 1/3 of a Hass avocado and dump the piece in a small cup or bowl.  Next, condense the lump into a soft, creamy texture by stirring gently with a spoon.  On a toasted slice of whole wheat bread, spread the green goodness onto it.  If you're planning on eating late for brunch instead of for breakfast, you can create a poached egg (~70 calories), fried egg (~90 calories), or fried egg whites (70 calories).  If I ever make a fried egg, I like my yolk slightly runny so that the liquid oozes onto my avocado spread! 

Your necessary dose of fiber, healthy carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids (good fat), and protein is partially fulfilled!  :)

Mmmmmmmm... yum.  The versatility of the meal–breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner–makes everything more wonderful!  Enjoy!

Photo sources: various blogs; I ate all of my delicious meal before being able to snap some shots.