Fashion 101: Classic, Chic Collars

Collars will never grow old.  Not now, not ever.  Fashion and collars have co-existed in nearly every culture and every era, and the fact that this chic point of clothing has survived erosion of time and age only proves its classic beauty.  It's not a trend; it's an essential "must" in every man and woman's closet.   Needless to say, they can either add a bit of flavor to a professional look or a hint of coolness to a casual attire or a subtly colorful, crisp touch to traditional wear.  For example, a bright-tone or pin-striped button-up with collars and navy or black blazer for an interview suggests two qualities: femininity and aggressiveness.  A bright pink polo with white shorts on any summer day will have heads turning.  Last but not least, Korean hanboks with beautifully crafted collars garner much favor among ladies across the globe.

Not surprisingly, collars have made quite entrance, again.  This year, detachable collars are most definitely "in." (See above for visual example.)  Brilliant, awesome, spiffy? Heck, yes.  Personally, Marni's line is my favorite, but hey, it's not necessary to splurge hundreds–sometimes, thousands–of dollars on a collar. Pick the right fit for you, and you're set for the summer, fall, and maybe even winter.  Following the footsteps of dear Marni designers, I would opt for a colorblocked cashmere or wool sweater and pair it with a detachable collar that makes a statement yet doesn't draw the attention away from the essence of the outfit.

Have fun! Play around, because it never hurts to run with your imagination every once in a while.