Gowns, dresses, love

Years from now, we’ll all be somewhere.  Where?  Only time and God can tell. What was once so near to us will feel and seem lightyears away and globes apart.  It’s odd how the various people I’ve met always take place in part of my ultimate masterpiece.  Each represents a unique hue in my painting, and truthfully speaking, the presence of each differs.  Nonetheless, he or she finds his or her own spot somewhere as something.  The string of vague words just used irk me to no extent, because they’re anything but lively and vivid.  Perhaps, though, such broadness projects the uncertainty and unpredictability of what is to and will occur.  Certainly, at one point in our lives, marriage will transition from being a mere bullet point on our “to-do” into a “coming, soon.”  Unfortunately, this cynical world and and the tainted morals heeded by humanity continue skewing the beauty surrounding such communion.  Shockingly enough, more than a handful still harbor a “boys-have-cooties” and “eww-girls-guys-dating” mentality… even in college.

Are our mental, emotional, and spiritual ages spiraling downward and sprinting backwards while our physical ages dart forward?

Squirms and smacks on the forehead.  Insert the sound effects here, please.

Love is undeniably beautiful, but people mistake lust and infatuation, two elements that structure the concept called “like,” for love.  True men–-men of God—don’t have cooties.  They do, however, have brokenness.  Fear not, though, for fragments of flaws surround women as well.  So, what’s so gross about two children of God committing to their vows and surrendering their love to Him?  Absolutely nothing.  It is only when we enable sin to overpower the relationship that we discredit and dishonor this blessing.  Hence, those who improperly use the term “gross” cause me to cringe.

What is really disgusting?  Lack of repentance, pretentious character, superficial generosity, hardened hearts, judgment, anger, disdainful speech.  The list could go on.  The point? Glorified love NOT lust does not deserve to be shamed.

When that love blossoms into a flower, both the girl and boy will ask God to sustain its longevity with his living water.  Through marriage, His radiant light will shine more brightly, and bees will swarm over the flower for its succulent honey.  Before marriage is the wedding, when and where the two proclaim their willingness to flourish under His provision.  Chic, fabulous dresses will adorn the bridesmaids’ bodies.  The gorgeous albeit long gown will conceal the bride with its whiteness.  Such garments, boasting of splendor and majesty, will awe the congregation.

Beneath those cloths, thin, unnoticeable body hair will tingle with excitement.  The girl and her best friends are about to share a Kodak moment together after months of separation.  Flashbacks of freshman year in college, the beginning of their journey, walk down the aisle.  Then arrives sophomore year… and junior year… and senior year.  Memories, once dormant, erupt vicariously with joy and euphoria.

My bridesmaids.  They’re not just my close friends. They’re my best friends.  Best friends can confide, lovingly rebuke, trust, cry with, laugh with, pray for, and teach each other.  I’ve learned to distinguish the two. For me, at least, best friends mean more than just being able to tell each other secrets or private matters. It’s reassuring to know that God’s protecting and guiding those friendships despite the fact that we don’t all live under the same roof anymore.

Dear Jeanette, Dear Paula, Dear Amanda, Dear Meesoh, Dear Crystal,

I wonder where we’ll be in June of next year. I hope you’ll be my bridesmaids. ..and, thanks as always.

The jubilee of the girls in white laces has finally arrived.  Fragrance of joyous love is redolent in air.  Gowns, dresses, love.

Yours truly, Christine