In Honor of the Yoon Family

The Yoon family, who lived in San Diego, suffered a terrible loss on December 8, 2008. The wife, wife's mother, and 2 children of the household died in a tragic accident when a jet plane crashed into their home. 2 homes are in embers, but only the Yoons lost their loved ones. Now, the husband of the deceased wife is a widower. His 2nd child had only been born 2 months earlier. I pray that God may continue to be with him. It's a shame. His father-in-law is coming this coming Monday, and what is the poor widower supposed to tell?

RIP. This truly pains me...
One of the neighbors said:
[I saw their last kiss," said Rose, a retired photographer. "I thought, 'What a beautiful sight,' and then later in the day they were just gone."]
He had seen the wife give her husband her last kiss before he drove off the work.
Simply... sad.

My condolences and prayers.