Two Thousand Fourteen in a Nutshell

Two Thousand Fourteen: A year of unforgettable adventures. When one season ends, another transpires, but we should never bid farewell to the former with a remorseful or regretful heart. Without a doubt, we each endure daily struggles and overcome several tribulations. However, the lessons learned and growth achieved after every process leave a rather sweet taste in the mouth. We're all human--we err more often than we wish. And while it is true that we live in a society that tries to conceal any blemishes, we also have the ability to surround ourselves with people who help us grow by learning from our mistakes and teaching us to utilize those experiences as powerful tools. This, in fact, was the reiterative theme of my Two Thousand Fourteen. Rather than recapping the major events of 2014, I want to take the time to thank various people (not that all of them would read this post) and share twelve reminders and lessons I carried with me throughout two thousand fourteen.

1. Even a pearl must learn to hold back tears. 2. Life changes every 20 feet. 3. "Most failures are not due to bad technology but due to people." 4. Listen, and listen, again. 5. I'm half a person, so we can squeeze 4 people in the back of a cab in India. 6. Embrace resilience. Be resilient. 7. Lean not on your own understanding. 8. If you fail, make your failure worthwhile. 9. Treat every adversity as an adventure and opportunity. 10. Perception is only half-reality. 11. Be true to yourself. 12. Never compromise your values and dreams. A season exists for everything.

The closing of 2014 would not be complete without saying thank you to certain people. These individuals have traveled this 12-month-long journey with me at different periods, but they have all impacted my growth and encouraged me in their respective ways-- The big guy up above, my mother (best friend and role model), my father, my brother, Ashley, Meesoh, Amanda, Paula, Jeanette, Daniel, Angel, Michael, Tina, Eric (Ricdrizzle), Dr. Jina K., Kevin, Connie, Catherine, Karlo, Jim Jim, Jordan, Brandan, Raman, Michael S., Josue, Jessica, Yugant, Steve, Nanci, Brittney O., Tony, Mark, Brittney G., Rob, Doris, Nicole, Armen, Jonathan, Pastor Tim, Pastor Ben.

Cheers to a glamorous 2015! On that note, I cannot wait to see you, again, Chicago!

Seasonal Transitions and Transformations

Persimmon-dates Thanksgiving's just around the corner, and Christmas is just a little over a month away as well. The hybrid of autumn and winter air grows more prominent as we inch closer to the holidays. The full withdrawal from summer causes a shift in the fresh produce that we purchase--maybe not as much for us Californians but a shift most definitely occurs. To name a few, apples, pears, figs, squash, and pumpkin are in season. I love my figs, apples, and squash, but I also enjoy eating persimmons and dates. The dark orange and golden tints of their skin embrace and represent the season quite well. If you remember, last December, I shared a simple recipe to a healthy and scrumptious persimmon snack (click the link!). Chef Travis Lett truly deserves the credit though.

Creamer-decorWhile I am not one to shy away from traditional autumn colors--orange, yellow, red, brown--or flavors, I also like to incorporate some bright, earthy tones.

My mom, who inspires me in countless ways, constantly teaches me the art of transformation. She suggested that we take one of our beautiful creamers, crafted in France, and transform it into a mini-vase. We grabbed a few branches from our berry bush and filled the creamer with them. The contrast between the glossy white and matte forest green adds character to both the room and our vintage cherry red oak bench.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me and this blog for the past year. If anything, Petite Bites documents much of my journey post-college. My end-goal has always been to empower and inspire people through the simplest means without imposing high costs (I say "high," because time is still a cost!). I promise not to abandon you or Petite Bites even if work becomes increasingly busy. Thank you, again!


Dealing with Homesickness

HONY_1It's not easy living out of a suitcase day-in and day-out. Moreover, traveling from hotel to the office every day fuels an accelerated process of emotional and physical taxation. Packing and unpacking, unpacking and packing become less exciting as boarding on the next flight to the final destination soon transforms into a routine. As much as I had grown accustomed to the rituals of packing and unpacking every 3 months, this is a whole new matter. I suppose you can call the final product homesickness. No matter how old I am, I immediately feel comforted by the warm embrace of my parents. And that's what I long for. I miss my younger brother's hugs in the morning as he greets me in a groggy state. I miss hearing my parents cheerfully chime, "Good morning, sweety." 

What helps reduce the homesickness is hearing from friends and family. They send messages, inquiring about my welfare and updating me on their lives. In fact, a close friend from college (also my former roommate) never fails to check in with me. She, a born and bred New Yorker, sent me a copy of Humans of New York for my birthday. If anyone knows me, she will know of my affinity for books and photo journals, so receiving this package was a pleasant surprise. I never managed to post my slightly nebulous snapshot of the gift, but it seems appropriate to share it now. 

Here's to another eventful day of monsoon rain and enduring jet lag, mates!

Until next time,


Tuesday Thoughts: Tea and Cake

I've always had a penchant for cards and letters--oh, and balloons.  If you were to spot anything in my room, it would be the boxes of notes and cards collected since middle school.  After college, I managed to discard a handful that held very little meaning.  For me, thoughtfully written words carry greater significance than a party attended by careless souls.  Maybe it's because I was essentially required to host a "birthday party" for my entire class every year when I attended a private school.  Other than the few close friends who truly celebrated with me--yes, I was only 4--my peers would merely reiterate what my teacher said.  "We appreciate you.  Happy Birthday."  Subsequently, another birthday celebration with family friends followed.  Mind you, most of them are at least 3 years older than I am and are boys.  I'd only look forward to wearing the princess crown and opening boxes with pink wrapping paper. Even now, I am a strong proponent of the color pink. This year, I celebrated my birthday with the fambam on the real day for the first time in a while.  It also happened to be on the same day as Mother's Day, which actually ended up being quite hilarious, as I prepared high tea for brunch and  my family set aside "Princess Christine" time after 1 pm.  What an exchange!

My mom loved the flowers I had customized at our favorite floral boutique--Hanadai--as well as the handcrafted chocolate from France.  Both she and my dad thoroughly enjoyed the homemade tea sandwiches, scones, strawberries and cream, and fragrant tea.  Making them and shopping for the ingredients were quite fun! (My brother had a difficult time keeping up with me at Whole Foods.)  We arranged an array of goodies on the trays: smoked gouda dip on panazella, sliced cucumbers with pesto garlic spread on squaw bread, potato salad on squaw bread, garlic lime grilled shrimp with cilantro and spread on  asiago roll, petit fours, scones.  The homemade clotted cream was surprisingly successful!  What I love about high tea the most, though, is taking out my mom's fine china.  I already called dibs on inheriting her collection--all handcrafted in England and Germany!

From morning to evening, the day could not have been any more beautiful.

Thank you, friends and family, for making these past 12 months memorable.  You have pampered me with much love that I definitely do not deserve.  Thank you, Mom, for being an inspirational woman and mother.  Here's a toast to another year of new adventures and memories.  Be excited for tomorrow's post, "An Afternoon Pick Me Up: Flowers & Books"-- dedicated to my sweet, sweet girlfriends Jeanette, Paula, and Amanda.

See you, soon!







Thursday Tip: Just a Simple White Tee

FarmersMarket_fashion The one thing that I appreciate about Southern California weather is that it rarely hinders me from visiting a Farmer's Market.  In Chicago, such was not the case.  Los Angeles and I share a love-hate relationship, as I constantly teeter-totter between, "Los Angeles, I love how you calm my soul," and "Why are you so superficial?"  But when it comes to sharing cultural wealth, this city does a commendable job of doing so.  And having a brother who attends USC, I seize opportunities to indulge in such wealth.  A while back, I took a trip to the Trojan Farmer's Market on campus and enjoyed visiting each booth.  I returned home with a bag full of berry kettle popcorn and rustic loaf of bread (no preservatives!) while my brother feasted on his very first pupusas.


For me, Farmer's Market means dressing down than up.  A simple white tee and perfect pair of denim does the trick.  (If I were to conclude based on what my dad, brother, and guy friends say, then I must affirm the claim that men find women attractive when they throw on a white shirt and jeans.)  Since cat's eye sunglasses are coming back next season, ditch those overrated aviators and grab these feminine sunnies instead.  And if you're anything like me at the Farmer's Market, do yourself a favor and carry a Lo & Sons bag (fashionable + utilitarian).  Whether you're a college girl or working woman who travels, you will find the bag to be useful (space for camera, laptop, and/or shoes + attachable to suitcase).


Happy Thursday, and I'll see you, soon.  LovePristineChristine


Spring from Head to Toe


I literally feel and taste spring every day now, which hypersurges--yes, this is a made up word--my happiness level by a factor of at least 10!  From the luscious strawberries to the gangling but sweet chrysanthemum coronariums, spring gives joy to my palate.  However, changing seasonal produce isn't the only exciting part of the sun-filled quarter.  Transition in colors add to the thrill as well.  This Spring, we shift to pastels and gold.  From my humble perspective, it's not wise to splurge on pastel-tone clothes for two main reasons.  One, not everyone can rock pastels (figure out whether your face is warm-tone or cool-tone).  Two, they're less likely to be classics that will endure several seasons.  Instead, consider redirecting the focus to your extremities--fingers, toes, hands, head.  Check out my guide to Spring/Summer'14 Must Haves.   


1. Color-blocked pastel clutches 
2. Bucket bags (similar)
3. Glitter & mint nail polish (Opi, Jamberry)
4. Gold cocktail rings, statement necklaces, bangles
5. Baby blue espadrilles (Zara)

I'm rather ecstatic to share these next series of posts.  Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of a day at USC's Farmer's Market and to learn about my ideal outfit on casual days. :)

Fave Fours/Fives: Foodie's Life & V-Day Gifting


Who says Valentine's Day can't be a time when single girlfriends gather and share gifts with each other?  For both the single ladies and those who eagerly hope to be surprised by their men on V-day, I impart these words: Happy Gifting and Happy Dining!  Gather food inspirations from Stacey Sun and Zoe Nathan and gifting ideas from below.  

1. The Photo Journey of a Food Connoisseur Stacey Sun (Instagram)
2. Following Baker and Restauranteur Zoe Nathan--genius behind Huckleberry, Sweet Rose Creamery, and Milo + Olive in Santa Monica (Instagram)
3. Your lady friends will appreciate this light, citrusy scent from fresh (30 mL for $48, 100 mL for $88)
4. Enjoy the night with some wine and sweets on Valentine's Day (Champagne Petit Fours, $55)
5. Monogram that bag with personal initials to make it one of a kind ($258 with monogram)

I personally wouldn't mind receiving a box of Champagne Petit Fours from a charming fella, but that's just my single-soul speaking.  Have a beautiful Friday, and I'll see you back here in a couple hours with more Super Bowl shareable snack tips.

pristine christine

The Art of Giving


I hope you haven't missed me too much!  Much has been happening in my life, and I haven't had the chance to sit down and type away continuously since last Wednesday! Thanks for remaining loyal to the blog, everyone!

In the midst of all the frenzy during this holiday season, we tend to swim in a sea of stress.  As we frantically race to finish our shopping and event planning for Christmas, we forget the most important fact: The greatest gift is love, and sometimes, this love appears in the form of sacrifice.  So, whether we're buying a present for a loved one or writing a heartfelt message to a friend, let us remember that it's not the cost or size of the gift that matters.  The heart behind the act holds greater value.

While I could purchase my brother another game console, I chose to find the perfect beanie for him instead.  Sure, the fact that he wanted another one played a part in my decision, but I also wanted him to feel love embedded in every thread of the cashmere beanie whenever he wears it to class on a Winter day.  The extra cherry on top is that beanies have returned as the hip accessory that every boy and girl wants.  I personally love the cobalt hue and charcoal mix of this beanie.  More importantly though, may my gift keep his head insulated! CardsNow that I've graduated college, I honestly didn't think my friends would still have time to send me Christmas cards.  A flutter of shock--the good kind--zinged me when I initially rummaged through today's mail.  My friends graciously wrote uplifting Christmas cards to me, and I grew enormously encouraged as I read each one.  I always appreciate a thoughtful note.  Then again, who doesn't?

Speaking of receiving, maybe it's because we're in a season of giving, but  I mysteriously received a $500 gift card from an anonymous sender yesterday (and yes, I checked the validity of it!).  To be quite frank, I'm not sure how to respond.  I don't think I could allow myself to use the card until I solve the mystery... regardless, I would like to say thank you.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you as well!  Petite Bites would not have grown as much without your support.  I'll see you back here tomorrow!

LOVE, pristine christine

Thanksgiving Series: Full with Grace

Image Thanksgiving preparation begins early in our home.  We start creating a grocery list and shop for the goods the weekend before the long-awaited day.  On Sunday or Monday, the turkey receives thorough cleaning and has its insides removed.  Afterwards, my mom first washes the big bird in a mixture of chardonnay and Japanese wine.  Then, she soaks the turkey with her special seasoning and preserves it in a clear turkey bag.  She proceeds to pour the leftover seasoning inside and shakes the bag.  On the actual day of festivities, the turkey undergoes another round of prepping.  But the night before Thanksgiving, we bake some cornbread to use for our stuffing.  Cornbread plus cornbread stuffing mix? Isn't that too much? Not at all.  The cornbread adds a touch of sweetness and moisture to the dry mix.  I swoon over the heavenly aroma of rising yeast and wait happily by the warm oven.

Like every Thanksgiving, this year's was no less successful.  I wish I had been able to photograph the beautifully roasted turkey that sat on a silver platter of decorative garnishes, but with stomachs growling, I thought it'd be rude for me to stall such feast.  The turkey, succulent and flavorful (thyme, herbs, wine), paired well with the slaw salad and cranberry sauce.  Of course, I always look forward to my mom's stuffing and secret yams, and they did not disappoint that night.  (Surprise: We substitute butter with margarine, and for some reason, everything tastes better!)  And as usual, Mama Kim's creamed corn, green beans, and mashed potatoes were crowd-pleasers as well.




While good food uplifts spirits, the mirth and grateful hearts surrounding us are what truly makes Thanksgiving a marvelous day of celebration.  Sharing our thanks and encouraging each other, I could not ask for more.  I hope all of you enjoyed resting and gorging on an array of dishes.  :)

Good night, and see you on Monday!

LOVE, pristine christine

Monday Musings: A Piece of Seattle

ImageThere is a season for work, and there is a season for rest.  With the holidays approaching, everyone seems to be rushing to finish errands so that they can fully enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From these California freeways to grandiose shopping malls, activity flourishes.  In the midst of all the bustling, I'm learning to make time for peace... with some freshly brewed coffee.

As coffee snobs, our family has come to realize that we, unfortunately, appreciate the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee the most.  My mom and I casually sip our daily cup of Joe in a Lenox or Villeroy Boch cups in the morning.  However, I can now do so in a special mug from Seattle's Pike Place!  A dear friend of mine who works at Microsoft up in Washington sent me an endearing card and adorable Pike Place Starbucks mug.  I guess you can say that I have a part of Seattle and her with me here!

I truly feel thankful to have met her in college because she is, without a doubt, a valuable sister and friend.  It still feels strange to think that I can no longer grab lunch with her or run in the rain to watch a movie.  But I hope to visit her sometime and that we update each other about our lives face-to-face...

Hope you all have a good night.

LOVE, pristine christine

Throwback Thursday: Deconstructing With the rapidly revolutionizing new technological world and social media platform, it is undeniably difficult to remain in tune.  Afraid of missing out, we connect ourselves on every social media platform--Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat--and and and forget to slow down.  Truth is, I still wrestle with slowing down and learning to appreciate rest and prolonged stillness.  But during these last few months, I've come to "carpe diem" every moment as I realize that I won't always be able to have fun with my family.  At a certain point, my parents will be too fragile to embark on adventures with me and my brother will have his own family to love and nurture.  It's time to delve deep and recall the basics and realign ourselves with our values.

LOVE, pristine christine

Throwback Thursday & Friday Fun: Little Italy at Home


I grew up with lovers of international food.  My dad, whose family was one of the wealthiest 1% in Korea prior to moving to the states in the 1970s, indulged in delicacies very few could imagine eating at that time.  My grandpa exposed my mom to American snacks and sweet from an early age, and since then, she has cultivated an immense appreciation for different cuisines.  In fact, our family's comfort food is not rice but mozzarella, basil, homemade pesto, and pasta.  Al dente farfalle smothered in fresh tomato bruschetta takes me back to my childhood and teen years when I'd immediately brighten up after eating a spoonful during lunch at school.  Cooped up in the newspaper room, fixing up layouts and editing articles and finishing homework after pulling all-nighters for my other classes, I'd scoop the cold pasta my mom packed for lunch into my mouth.  I was stressed and maybe even frustrated with my staff, but the warmth and love encapsulated in the seemingly small bite cheered me up.  

An Italian at heart, as I always say, I can rarely decline the perfect combination of warmly toasted slice of wheat bread, homemade pesto, fresh buffalo mozzarella, roman tomato, and basil either.  That is unfortunately my guilty pleasure.  It was never the cakes, pies, or chocolate that swayed me.  It was the magical herb, cheese, and olive oil; they elevated the rather banal bread and red fruit/tomato to a whole new level.  

I love living in Little Italy at home, albeit not an exact replicate of the real Italy.  But it doesn't hurt to use our imagination, so ladies, lovers, gentlemen... treat yourself to a night out in Italy on this grand Friday evening.

Buffalo mozzarella, farfalle, fresh tomato bruschetta, sea salt (boil farfalle in sea salt), pesto, tomato, basil, sourdough/bagel/baguette

pristine christine 

Tough Tuesday: Finding Peace

[youtube=] There are days when you seek comfort in a mug of hot cocoa and serene tunes.  Maybe it's the way they bring me back to childhood memories. Or maybe it's how they remind me of the neglected blessings--blessings taken granted for--in life.  The pot of water boils and the grainy cocoa mix brushes against the ceramic mug.  An angelic voice echoes in the empty living room.  We often forget the beauty and value in taking a step back and resting.  Why do we stigmatize peace?  Why must we constantly fidget and fumble?  This is a question that I have been asking myself lately...

May you find peace in the lyrics on a wintery November day as well.

SINCERELY, pristine christine

Friday Fun: Walking in Winter Wonderland

Image Happy November!  Is it ever too early to start decorating for Christmas? :)  This year, my mom and I decided to skip the Thanksgiving decorations and start bringing out the Christmas goodies.  My mom and I had a little Friday Fun, shopping around for our Christmas tree! Lo and behold, we met success at Bloomingdale's!  We bought a new, gorgeous gold glitter star tree topper (similar to this but in gold glitter).  It's so perfect for our home and tree, and I cannot wait for us to finish beautifying our living room and fireplace area with Christmas decor!

With winter inching closer toward us, it's vital to maintain our health.  As much as we all love to binge on our guilt food from time to time, we need to consistently nourish our bodies with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Personally, I realized that a cup of mixed juice without any additives is ideal when I'm the go. (I highly suggest that you invest in a Nutribullet.  This nifty gadget deserves much accolade.)  One of my favorite combinations/recipes includes spinach, half a fuji apple, 3 pineapple pieces, water, and 8 honey sesame almonds.  Ditch the refined sugar--yes, this includes granola, cereal (unless it's whole wheat, oats, bran, etc.)--and opt for a healthier alternative.

Just for tomorrow though, I'll be trying gourmet tacos from Diablo Taco.  (Hey, I'm usually a healthy eater!)  We'll see whether they live up to the hype... Until tomorrow...

Happy Friday and November, everyone!

Love, pristine christine

Throwback Thursday: Nightmare Before Christmas


MANGO Striped Blazer | Dolce Vita GIlly Smoking Flats | Marni Collar Necklace | MANGO Crepe Suit Trousers | ZARA Blouse with Gathered Sleeve | Jimmy Choo Reese Clutch | Jewel Mint Cuff and Ring

As a huge fan of bizarrely inventive clay animations, I revere Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas (NBC) and films of the like (Coraline).  Growing up, I had a strange fascination for stop motion movies and clay animations, so whenever I see theaters showing Wallace and Gromit or a film of similar nature, I walk down memory line.  Speaking of NBC, Jack the Skeleton is such a fitting character for Halloween today! He is my main inspiration for today's throwback; probably more so because I'm venturing into the Hollywood area this weekend to catch the movie in 4D.  I miss sentimental animations like NBC and Nemo.  My personal gripe with most movies these days lies mainly in the compromise of inadequately developed plots for "stellar" computer graphics.  Does anyone else resonate with me?    

Well, I hope all of you had a safe night out tonight.  I'm definitely excited to try some gourmet tacos from Diablo in Silverlake on Saturday.  See you tomorrow!


pristine christine 

Where's Wednesday: Chowdah' at the Beach

ImageMy brother and I visited Chef David LeFevre's Fishing with Dynamite (FwD) for lunch on Monday.  One of the perks of living by all these beaches is being able to explore the culinary world through different lenses.  Thankfully, Manhattan Beach is only 20 minutes from home.  

We ordered the Maryland Blue Crab Cake, Cape Cod Squash Rolls with Rosemary Butter, New England Chowdah, and Shrimp Po Boy.  The Shrimp Po Boy had a nice twist to it with the spicy sauce, but the sandwich didn't impress me too much.  However, the chowder definitely deserves the raves; I may prefer Chef David's version over the traditional starchy kind.  All in all though, our favorite part about the meal was the cape cod squash rolls.  With the rosemary butter lightly slathered onto the roll, we tasted perfection.  Both my brother and I loved the rolls so much that we asked the chef to pack a box of them to-go for our parents.  I would come back just to stuff myself with the rolls... In all seriousness, I can't wait to return to FwD and give the Mahi Mahi tacos and miso black cod a try! You can check out my full review on Yelp. 

I hope you're having a terrific Wednesday. Until tomorrow...

pristine christine 



Tough Tuesday: Crazy, the Good Kind of Crazy


Marni Oversized Two Tone Sunglasses| Zara Striped Mini Skirt | MANGO Unstructured Jacket | Pearl Earrings | MANGO Strap Top | Manolo Blahnik Classic Pumps 

Communities all over the globe commemorated Edith Head and her accomplishments.  Creators of Pixar film The Incredibles modeled Edna Mode after Edith.  She truly was one of a kind, and I wonder what her thoughts would be regarding the current trends.  We could always use a crazy soul like Edith today.  After all, there's nothing more enlightening than witnessing the collaboration of geniuses as well as recognizing your inner genius on a Tough Tuesday.  


What's your inner genius?  I'm still sojourning through the valleys, developing my passions and skills, before releasing my inner genius.  :) Good night, wonderful readers!

pristine christine 

Monday Musings: Sunshine in the Rain

ImageThe weather was quite strange today, but it only reaffirmed that Fall has arrived with intentions of staying.  Rain and cold can mean only thing: fun socks.  Serious business.  I have never been a huge fan of wearing socks, and I wish I knew why.  However, whenever I slip on  pair of fuzzy ones or cute-graphic socks, I love jumping around in them.  In Korea, a pair costs a mere $1 at max.  Here, we pay $10 for 4 pairs.  That's still not a bad deal, but percentage wise, the difference in prices reminds me yet again the principles of economics.  What I learned: products should be sold at 3 times the cost in order for any revenue and profit to generate.  


All this money talk leads me to my next tidbit of the day.  The press released photos of H&M's collaboration with Isabel Marant, and I would like to applaud Marant for sharing her creative genius with us.  The collection definitely exhibits more hits than misses.  While I am not too fond of the boots, I adore the trousers and vests.  Be ready to feast your eyes on these pieces on November 14!  

Until tomorrow... (going to Fishing with Dynamite with my brother tomorrow!)

Pristine Christine 

Friday Fashion: Feel Good Friday


Kate Spade DARCEL ring | MANGO Cropped Slim Trousers | MANGO Combi Leather Bomber Jacket | Demy Lee Stripe Alexa Sweater | Converse Jack Purcell LP Slip On | Vintage Bally Italian Leather Shoulder Bag

Back when I interned at PBS, Casual Fridays were my favorite days because people did not crazily hustle and bustle in the office.  Thank goodness for seasons of rest!  Now, Black may say serious, but it also suggests a cryptic playfulness.  I call black my "go-to" color for its versatility.  Note the zipper details on black trousers, suede/leather combo on the bomber jacket, black stripes on white, and the smooth black Italian leather.  Only black possesses the ability to make the varying textures and designs look chic.  As my mom would say, "Black is classic."  

My mom is the type of parent who would hang her diamond necklace around her daughter's neck for Senior Prom.  She's the type who insists that I have her vintage Bally, Cartier, and Ferragamo bags.  Whenever I planned my returned back to school after break, my mom would pack the bags inside my suitcases.  I don't think I'll ever sell them unless desperate situations require me to do so; I want to pass them onto my own daughter as well.  Hopefully, she won't frown and carp, "Ew, who carries these bags nowadays?" 

Well, here's a toast to a wonderful Friday.  Dance the night away with some electronica music.


Pristine Christine 

Fashion Friday: Shimmer and Shine

Glitter_Night Ferragamo Gancini Top Handle/Grace Kelly Bag | Cara Flapper Headwrap | Menbur Glitter Pump | ZARA Short Jacquard Skirt | Black Drop Shoulder Sweater 

After a long week of work and stress, you want to pamper yourself.  Ladies, it's important to gloss up and moisten those lips with lip balm in the colder seasons.  I highly recommend Kiehl's lip balm; you can thank me later!  However, don't skimp on the shimmer as well.  The weekend cues your time to shine (literally and figuratively).  I'm never the one to not incorporate a bit of the classic look into my outfits, so I would borrow my mom's Ferragamo Gancini aka Grace Kelly Bag and allow my headwrap and pumps to perform the remaining magic.  I hope my two cents inspire your weekend fashion, and until next time...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Pristine Christine